‘That day of the year again’ Ulrika Jonsson, 54, spurns critics as she flaunts bikini body

Ulrika Jonsson flaunts her bikini body

Ulrika Jonsson proudly and defiantly flaunts her bikini body on Instagram after critics asked her to stop stripping off

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Ulrika Jonsson, who also posed totally nude last year as part of a men’s mental health awareness campaign, has defied her naysayers once again by stripping off on Instagram in honour of the heatwave in the UK.

She updated her 191,000 followers on her sunshine ritual by donning a white bikini and captioning her photo: “That day of the year again when sun comes out.”

Another shot followed displaying her body stretched out on a sun lounger in the garden.

Ulrika has regularly spoken out against those who criticise her bikini shots, believing that it’s a matter of feminism.

“I was born in an egalitarian country and I carry and apply that standard wherever I go,” she wrote defiantly in a post for International Women’s Day on Instagram earlier this year.

“Sometimes digging my heels in and showing my obstinance makes others uncomfortable.”

She concluded: “If you’re not a feminist, you’re on the wrong side of equality.”

Ulrika Jonsson’s controversial nude shoot last year

Ulrika Jonsson divided opinion last year when she bared all for a men’s mental health awareness shoot

Ulrika Jonsson displays her summer body

Ulrika Jonsson is looking forward to a summer of sunshine, as the caption on this photo suggests

Ulrika Jonsson in the sunshine

Ulrika Jonsson tries to show the critics she’s pretty in pink as she showcases another beach body outfit

Ulrika Jonsson with one of her daughters

Ulrika Jonsson shared a snap from an earlier holiday in Greece featuring herself and one of her daughters preparing for fun times on the beach

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