Teen Mom 2: See the Cast Then and Now!

Can you believe it's been almost ten whole years since Teen Mom 2 first premiered?

Yep, in January of 2011, the first episode aired, and since then, we've been following these ladies through marriages, divorces, so many babies …

They've put almost everything that's happened in their lives on television, and it's been a truly remarkable ride, to say the least.

The show has just returned for its 10th season, and that calls for some celebration, right?

So let's take a few moments to look back at the first time we met these ladies … and to see where they are now!

1.Hey Ladies!

2.It's Kailyn!


4.Making the Best of It


6.Such a Transformation

7.Mom of Four

8.Not Meant to Be

9.Here Comes Javi

10.Making Moves


12.Working Hard



15.What a Struggle

16.Here We Go …

17.Oh Hey Girl!


19.Oh No

20.Enter Jeremy

21.Hard Times


23.Lots of Work


25.So Much Drama

26.Oh Dang

27.Wait for It …

28.A Real Glow Up


30.Thank Goodness

31.So Cute

32.A Happy Ending

33.Oh, Jenelle …

34.What a Time

35.Well …

36.Get Ready!

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