Tamasha! Backstage At NYFW

When New York Fashion Week returns to Manhattan each year, the megapolis metamorphoses — like a busy, busy, caterpillar becoming a gaudy fashion butterfly.

And for a week the city has a kind of Paris-Milan haute-couture soul.

So it was in 2022.

The venue this year, like last, was 50 Varick Street in Tribeca. NYFW 2022 was the second in-person fashion week in New York since COVID-19 muddled up our world beyond recognition.

Seeing, via media reports, celebs descending on New York, once the ghastly epicentre of the pandemic, and watching ramps hum again with life, front rows filling up with A-listers butting shoulders to be seen, and fashion begin its incessant September whirl, in spite of sporadic attacks of the tamer Omicron, was kind of reassuring for all of us anywhere. It was a sure sign that all was getting better on our planet.

Green rooms were buzzing too and there is no more exciting place to be than Behind The Scenes at New York’s FW, where experimental glam was in full bloom as leading designers, wardrobe specialists, hair stylists and makeup artists transformed models into runway-ready pouting beauties.








Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/Rediff.com
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/Rediff.com

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