Taimur's love for yoga rubs off on cousin Inaaya, who does her own version of stretch – view pics!

Taimur Ali Khan and Inaaya Naumi Kemmu are the cutest cousins in town. We often marvelled at how identical they were in looks, but now it is evident that the two have similar interest. Well, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu was clicked today morning taking a ride in her colourful stroller. She was dressed in a pair of grey pants with a blush pink tee. Rainbow coloured socks added a pop of colour. On her stroller, Inaaya felt like a queen as she enjoyed the pleasant weather outside. The little one was seen stretching her legs to near perfection. She was accompanied by her nanny and other staff members. Few days back, Saif Ali Khan spoke about how Taimur eagerly watches Kareena Kapoor Khan and him doing yoga. He said the tiny tot also imitates the noises the actor makes during stretching. He said, “He (Taimur) imitates us doing yoga by making some painful noises which obviously, I’m making while I’m stretching. He does a good side bend and falls over.” (Also Read: Exclusive A man forcibly tries to take a selfie with Taimur Ali Khan now little nawab will get a bodyguard soon)

We can see that Inaaya is quite a pro at stretching. It is not surprising as her mum Soha Ali Khan swears by yoga and does not miss her workout for even a day. The little ones Inaaya and Taimur love to spend time with each other. Soha says that Taimur is fond of her and hopes that he will be a protective elder brother to her. Taimur had already enrolled in an kiddie gym aimed at physical development for toddlers. Inaaya and Taimur both enjoy swimming too. We saw how Taimur tried to play badminton a few days back holding a racquet in his hand. Stay tuned to BL for more updates!


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