Stunning, Stylish, Sreleela

Peppy. Carefree. Youthful…. come to mind when one thinks of Sreeleela.

Raised in Detroit, she currently rules hearts in the Kannada and Telugu film industries.

2019 marked her debut with Kiss. Alongside Ravi Teja, she was the toast of Dhamaka (2022).

At age three, Sreeleela started twirling on her tippy-toes and learning Bharata Natyam. She has combined her love for acting and dance in her movies.

Her two releases this year are Boyapati Rapo and Bhagavanth Kesari, and among her next are Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram and Pawan Kalyan’s Ustaad Bhagat Singh.

A student of medicine, the 22 year old brings a touch of individualist style to every film she’s graced.

Never over-the-top, never understated, she’s a ‘blessed mess’ in smart casuals.






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