Strictly’s Johannes Radebe taken aback as he’s asked if he ‘bumped bits’ with John Whaite

Strictly: Johannes Radebe emotional speaking to Claudia

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Strictly Come Dancing finalist Johannes Radebe was put on the spot with some personal questions from curious The One Show host Alex Jones, who questioned: “What were the logistical nightmares of dancing with another man, did you bump… bits? Do you know what I mean?” As he and John were the first ever male same-sex couple to appear on Strictly, Alex wanted to know whether the experience was challenging for the professional dancer, who was previously paired with female celebrities on the show.

The dynamic was obviously different – I’m used to leading ladies!

Johannes Radebe

Alex quickly added: “Knees! I meant knees!” after Johannes and fellow guest Martin Clunes broke into uncontrollable laughter and co-host Ronan Keating began clasping his head in his hands.

Grinning with embarrassment, Johannes gamely elaborated: “The dynamic was obviously different.

“I’m used to leading ladies and lifting them in the air [but] John had to be lifting me in the process,” he replied.

“That was tricky, but the man’s patience, the way he allowed me to figure it out and still teach him in the process, I find that incredible.”

“I had the most amazing season and I fell in love with my artform again.”

Reliving how his relationship with dance began, Johannes modestly insisted that his success was a mere “fluke”.

“Everyone used to play soccer and rugby,” he explained of his native town in South Africa.

“Dance is just a fluke because everyone can dance where I’m from.

“But when I came to Ballroom dancing, I just loved the sparkles.”

After seeing the dramatic costumes, Johannes knew he wanted to make an equally dazzling entrance – and realised he had the chance to achieve glamour through perfecting his craft.

After hailing from a poor township, now that his “dream [has] come true”, he has an ambition to teach a new generation of South Africans to strive for the same goals.

“I would like to [tour in] South Africa to inspire a generation of kids who look up to me… they lack role models in the community,” he explained.

He added that he was also looking forward to performing in the smaller towns in the UK once his tour kicks off later in the year.

Johannes then shared that his mum “would [have given] me all her salary if she could” if it meant it could help him to stay “off the streets” and reach his showbiz goals.

Meanwhile, after the topic turned to ice baths and cold water swimming, Johannes revealed that he was a fan for “health” boosting reasons.

Poor Ronan Keating, on the other hand, who was uninitiated in the tradition until the filming of the show, was captured on camera shivering desperately in an ice bath while answering a quiz question incorrectly.

Johannes may well continue braving the cold water as he prepares for his forthcoming tour.

His favourite outfit from Strictly was his Pirates of The Caribbean costume.

The costume is one that audiences will get to see again during his tour performances.

Johannes Radebe: The Freedom Tour kicks off in March 2022.

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