Stassi Schroeder Says She Would ‘Snort’ Boyfriend Beau Clark’s Ashes If He Died

‘Then, I would feel like he’s a part of me forever. Tell me you wouldn’t do it,’ she said.

Vanderpump Rules OG Stassi Schroeder is so into her boyfriend that she wants to be a part of him forever. So much so, that she is willing to act as a living urn for his remains if he died. At least, that’s what the reality TV star told Vogue when she said that she would “snort” her boyfriend Beau Clark’s ashes — so that he would be a part of her forever.

Recently, Vogue spent 48 hours with the Vanderpump Rules cast in an article called “Babes in Pump Land,” which calls the Real Housewives spinoff the “perfect reality show.” In a video clip for the article, Schroeder says that she would “totally” snort Clark’s ashes — if it came to that.

“I would totally snort my boyfriend’s… I would, yes, absolutely snort Beau’s ashes if he died,” she said. “Because then I would feel like he was a part of me forever.”

She then challenges the interviewer to deny that he would do the same.

“Tell me you wouldn’t do it?” she demands.

The article describes Stassi as having a “magnetic personality” and a “very firm handshake,” saying that the reality TV star is “the show’s Tracy Flick disguised as Regina George, the wittiest — and most cutting — of the group.”

Vogue also talked about Schroeder’s exit from the show after the infamous season three sex-tape scandal, and her return a while later. It also discussed her previous appearances on reality television. Back in 2005, she was on The Amazing Race, followed by a stint on Queen Bees in 2008.

Stassi posted a snap of the Vogue video on her Instagram page, telling her 1.4 million followers that she has “never been prouder” than talking to the magazine about snorting Beau’s ashes.

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Talking about snorting Beau’s ashes on @vogue and I’ve never been prouder.

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Clark, who — according to Vogue, has a “normal person” job in casting — is a regular feature on Schroeder’s Instagram page. The couple recently hit Paris, and she shared images from the trip.

“Gonna be a Basic B right now????: je t’aime,” she wrote.

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Gonna be a Basic B right now ????: je t’aime @thegoodthebadthebogie

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He also left a Rams game “halfway through” to show up for Schroeder at the E! People’s Choice Awards on November 12.

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He left the Rams game halfway through for this. #truelove

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Schroeder says that she thinks the show could keep airing for years because the group is such a close-knit family.

“I feel like the show could go on for like 15 more years, like the way that the Kardashians do,” said Stassi. “The Kardashians are because they’re a family. We are a family, but we chose our family. We’re still doing the same shit. That’s the only reason the Kardashians keep going, because they have to.”

New episodes belonging to Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules air on December 3.

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