Sophie Turner Chugging Wine at a Rangers Game Is a Mood Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

If your aesthetic includes chugging wine at a sporting event, you’d probably get along well with Sophie Turner. The 23-year-old Game of Thrones actress decided to “send it for the Starks” when she appeared on the jumbotron at a New York Rangers game Tuesday night. As the crowd erupted into cheers, Sophie dabbed and raised her partially filled glass to the screen before throwing it back. A queen in the North, indeed.

Sophie shared a video of the epic moment on Instagram, and other celebrities were quick to applaud her charisma. Drake called her the “inspiration for 2020 and beyond,” while her almost-brother-in-law Nick Jonas shared a simple “Oh my god.” Even Sophie’s fiancé, Joe Jonas, responded to her badass move with a cheeky little emoji.

GoT fans, study this clip carefully. It’s basically a premonition. Come April 14, everyone will be draining their glasses just like Sophie.

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