Son Allegedly Stabbed Father To Death After He Refused To Pay For Groceries?!

An Arizona man was stabbed to death allegedly by his 43-year-old son after he refused to pay for his groceries.

On Wednesday, a police spokesman confirmed to People that Edgar G. Jeschor was found dead in the apartment of his son Jason Jeschor in Mesa, Arizona, on Friday. According to a probable cause affidavit, accusing the son of second-degree murder and evidence tampering, Edgar left home around noon on Thursday, planning to go to his son’s apartment and drive him to the grocery store. However, he never returned home.

The following day, an unidentified person called the police at around 2 a.m. to perform a wellness check, saying they were unable to reach either Edgar or Jason on the phone. Police then tried contacting the two men by phone and even knocked on the younger’s apartment door. No answer.

The unidentified caller grew more concerned when they reached out to authorities again at 8 a.m. on Friday, revealing they saw Edgar’s car at his son’s apartment, but neither he nor Jason was still answering their phone or the door. Per the affidavit, that is when the witness revealed that the son “was schizophrenic and off his medication.”

Officers returned to the apartment and were even ready to use forced entry when Jason finally opened the door. And when officers asked where his dad was at the time, he said Edgar “was in the bathroom and he did not think he was doing well,” per the affidavit. They quickly noticed a cut on the son’s left pinky finger was bleeding.

As they searched the residence, Jason allegedly told one cop that his father and another “dude” were threatening him and then dropped the bombshell that his dad was dead, admitting:

“I killed him.”

Why did he do it? According to Jason, he murdered Edgar because he refused to pay for his groceries when he did not have enough money on his debit card to cover the cost. WTF?! Seriously??

After the duo came back to his apartment, the affidavit stated that Jason allegedly “admitted to stabbing the victim with a homemade spear-like object in an ear and then stabbing him multiple times in the neck with a switch blade knife.” Just awful.

Jason told police he later moved the body from the dining area to a hallway bathroom and cleaned up the blood. Police even found mop marks on the floor, along with a mop in the tub, and discovered several cleaning wipes stained with what looked like dried blood during their search of the home. When authorities asked if Jason still had the boots he wore to the store, he took one off to show the heel and allegedly noted:

“There, there’s blood spatter.”

Now Jason is being held on a $1 million bond in the Maricopa County jail and his next court date has been scheduled for Thursday. Mesa police spokesman Sgt. Chuck Trapani also told People that the “investigation is still ongoing.”

What a terrible tragedy… We have to imagine once he gets back on meds, he’s going to be devastated at what he did to his father. If not… we don’t even know.

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