Sky Sports’ Jo Wilson, 37, broke down in tears amid stage 3 cervical c

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Jo Wilson, 37, who has hosted Sky Sports since 2015, is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment after being diagnosed this summer.

Jo had gone for a routine smear test in June, with the results detecting signs of cancer.

A month later further tests showed the TV favourite was battling 3b cervical cancer with it having spread to two of her lymph nodes.

The broadcaster admitted she was left “shocked” by the news as she opened up about her diagnosis in a candid new interview.

Jo said: “I cried while a lovely nurse held my hand. Then I cried to Dan, and he was quite shocked because he didn’t really think it would be cancer. You’re desperately hoping there’s a chance it might not be.

“I said to the doctor ‘Am I going to die?’. ‘You’re not going to die,’ he reassured me. ‘It’s very treatable, and it’s very curable’.”

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