Signature Mistakes To Avoid For Success

Graphology is the science that helps you interpret a person’s character and personality from their handwriting.

And the best way to gauge a person’s character is through his/her signature, says Sudhir Kove, graphologist and founder, Life Transformation Academy, Pune.

“Your signature is the integration of all your life’s experiences and learnings, good and bad. It represents your identity and tells the world who you really are,” says Kove.

Watch the video in which Sudhir Kove analyses the signatures of famous personalities including Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and explains how simple dots and graphs in your signature can reveal so much about your personality:

A strong signature can help you grow in your life and career and achieve new milestones. But there are some basic mistakes we all make that can be avoided.

In the video below, Kove points out a few types of signatures everyone must avoid:


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