Sharon Osbourne breaks silence after being hospitalised

Sharon Osbourne reacts to Harry and Meghan's documentary

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Sharon Osbourne, 62, was recently rushed to hospital following a health scare on set. The TalkTV star had been with her son, Jack, filming House of Terror in California when she was taken ill, but is now on the mend and home from Christmas.

Sharon revealed her health status during an Instagram update, telling the world: “Back home and doing great! Thank you for all the [love].”

She punctuated her comment with a heart emoji, while Christmas tree lights twinkled in the background of her snap, suggesting that the festive season is back on for the family.

Even Sharon’s Siberian husky, Elvis, who is famous for having one blue eye and one brown one, looked in excellent spirits as he posed photogenically in front of the bauble-studded tree.

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Her son Jack also posted a health update online, revealing more details about his mum being taken to hospital.

“Ok here is what I’ll say… first thing first MY MOTHER WASN’T FILMING A EPISODE OF @ghostsadventures,” he quipped.

“She was filming a new episode of Night of Terror with me. Hahaha.

“Now that we have made that clear… She has been given the all clear from her medical team and is now home.”

He added gratefully: “Thank you to everyone who has reached out with love and support.”

Among those offering their support was her former co-star, Amanda Kloots, from The Talk, who wrote: “Oh thank God… So glad [you’re] safe and sound with the precious!!”

Almost 18,000 followers shared their relief that she was home safely after her one night hospital stay, with one quipping of her much-loved dog: “Elvis will take care of you.”

It isn’t the first health scare the family has suffered this year, with herself, Ozzy and Kelly previously coming down with a serious bout of Covid.

Back in May, Sharon fled the set of Piers Morgan’s TV show Uncensored to be with her husband after learning that his health could be critical.

Ozzy had caught the virus despite reportedly being “obsessively careful” and even resorting to spraying the covers of food takeaways with antibacterial treatments.

Telling the world: “My family’s my life,” Sharon boarded a flight to LA, telling fans the first thing she wanted to do was “kiss” her poorly husband, although it might be through “three masks”.

The precautions made little difference as, soon after beginning to nurse Ozzy, she contracted covid too, followed by their daughter Kelly, who was pregnant at the time.

Ozzy has suffered other major health issues in the past couple of decades too, including a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis in 2003 and a devastating quad-bike crash the same year.

It had left him with severe injuries including eight broken ribs and a smashed collarbone.

He temporarily stopped breathing after the crash and had to be resuscitated, while he also contracted three staph infections back in 2018.

Meanwhile, the family is looking forward to Christmas together, as they celebrate the first festive season with Kelly’s new baby boy, Sid.

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