Shanna Moakler Says Kourtney and Travis "Deserve One Another" and She "Hopes They Get Good Ratings"

Please take a moment to grab some popcorn because Shanna Moakler is getting low-key salty about her ex Travis Barker’s engagement to Kourtney Kardashian.

In a video obtained by Page Six, Shanna (who was apparently on her way home from a spa day with on-again, off-again boyf Matthew Rondeau) Shanna opened up about her many ~thoughts~ regarding Kravis and, fair warning, those thoughts were mostly of the salty and/or shady variety. We’ve compiled some of the highlights below:

Going full-on Mariah Carey about Kravis’ engagement.

Remember when Mariah Carey casually acted like she didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was in an interview? It was a baller move because J.Lo was impossible *not* to be aware of at that point and it set the standard for shade going forward. During her traffic stop-style interview with Page Six, Shanna opened by pulling the Mariah on Kravis, albeit jokingly.

“Really, they got engaged?” she joked when asked for her reaction to the couple’s milestone. “I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Since Kourtney and Travis don’t do anything low-key, it surprised exactly no one when their engagement was a romcom-worthy production involving dozens (hundreds?) of red roses and white candles…on a beach…at sunset. They ‘grammed the whole thing, which is cool and on-brand for them and, TBH, we double-tapped every post. We have to assume Shanna skipped the double-tapping, but couldn’t avoid the news entirely.

Saying Kourt and Travis “deserve each other” and dragging the Kardashian reality empire.

Shanna went from jokey shade to joking-not-joking shade when she openly referenced the fact that Travis is going to appear in the Kardashians’ new Hulu series and subtly implied the relationship might have PR elements.

“I think they’re very deserving of one another,” she said. “I hope they get good ratings.”

Saying that how Travis wooed Kourtney was “weird.”

Shanna was very upfront about one thing about Kourtney and Travis’ ‘ship that doesn’t sit quite right with her—the similarities she spotted between things Travis did with her and things he did when wooing Kourtney.

“I’ve said that before. I don’t feel that that makes me bitter or jealous by just saying that’s weird,” she said. “But it is.”

As she pointed out, this is not the first time Shanna has voiced getting cringy vibes about some of the deja vu moments between Kravis’ courtship and her own relationship with Travis. She also took issue with the couple’s True Romance couple’s costumes last month.


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“What was weird is that they were posting about a movie that Travis and I basically bonded over. I called him Clarence [like] in the movie. We named our daughter after the character Alabama in the movie,” she told Us Weekly. “I walked down the aisle to “You’re So Cool” from True Romance. Our first dance at our wedding was to the love song from True Romance.”

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