SEVENTEEN: How 1 Hilarious Incident Taught the Members to Communicate Better

SEVENTEEN is a K-pop group made up of 13 members with different backgrounds and personalities. As such, a lot of effort is needed to maintain unity within the group. Communication is usually an important factor in making a group more cohesive, and SEVENTEEN learned this lesson after a hilarious incident they went through.

How the SEVENTEEN members learned to communicate better

On an episode of the Korean show Knowing Bros, the members of SEVENTEEN shared that they learned to communicate better after getting in trouble with their company’s vice director.

When they were trainees at Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN had to practice a lot. The members admitted among themselves that they were tired and wanted a vacation.

“So I went to talk to the vice director,” leader S.Coups shared. “I told him everyone was tired and asked for a vacation. He went and asked if they were tired, and they said, ‘No, we are fine.’”

As a result, the vice director thought S.Coups was the only one tired and that he made up the story to get a vacation. SEVENTEEN revealed that, while they talked about being tired with each other, S.Coups was under the false impression that they wanted to tell the staff members that.

“Afterwards, we had to develop good teamwork,” Mingyu said.

“We realized how important it was to get our story straight with one another,” Vernon added.

SEVENTEEN has figured out ways to coordinate tasks with each other

Not only does communication have to be strong in SEVENTEEN, daily tasks also require a lot of coordination among the members as well.

For example, on an episode of the show The Manager, the cameras followed one of SEVENTEEN’s managers around for a day. It was revealed that simple tasks for small groups could take a lot of work out of SEVENTEEN. That is why the group and their managers have set up systems for many different things, such as taking roll call, ordering lunch, and going from place to place.

SEVENTEEN occasionally has petty fights

Occasionally, communication could break down and misunderstanding occurs. Like any group of people who are stuck together for a long time, the members sometimes have fights with each other.

During a live stream in early 2020, Seungkwan revealed that Jeonghan and Mingyu used to fight over people not cleaning the practice room. “For an hour and a half, they’re standing in the same place fighting,” he said. “’You did something and something.’”

Jeonghan was also there during the live stream, and he confirmed this did happen. He revealed that he lost his voice from that intense argument.

Meanwhile, during an episode of their reality show Going Seventeen in March 2020, the members shared that DK occasionally throws things at people when angry. Jeonghan recalled that DK once got into an argument with Mingyu outside a convenience store and threw a bag from the store at him. Seungkwan also shared that he once argued with DK after a long day and DK, who was about to go to the shower, threw a towel at him.

Given how well the members of SEVENTEEN normally get along, it’s clear that these incidents are probably just anomalies in their day-to-day life.

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