Selkii: 5 Things To Know About The South African Singer, 31, Auditioning For ‘The Voice’

Selkii will be hitting ‘The Voice’ stage during the March 11 episode and she totally wows the coaches. So, who is Selkii?

The Voice season 16 blind auditions are still underway, so that means more artists will be performing for the coaches in hopes of landing on their teams. One of those artists is South African singer Selkii, 31, who performs during the March 11 episode. This girl has a truly unique voice and she’s one of the contestants you’re going to need to watch out for this season!

1. Selkii performs a unique cover of a Macy Gray hit. Selkii takes the stage with her acoustic guitar to sing “I Try.” The rendition is unlike any rendition of Macy’s song you’ve ever heard before. It’s quirky and gives off a major folk vibe.

2. Both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine turn their chairs for her. Selkii only sings a few notes before Adam turns around. Blake presses his red button right at the end of the performance. “I’m fascinated by you as an artist. You’re definitely the complete package,” Blake tells Selkii. “I’d love to be apart of your journey here on The Voice and in South Africa when I get to open for you there someday.”

3. She has worked on cruises. The singer-guitarist revealed on her Instagram page that she can be seen on Disney Cruise Lines!

4. She explained her one-of-a-kind name to the coaches. “It actually means ‘seal’ but Seal was taken already,” Selkii says after her audition. Yes, Seal is a very well-known British singer and songwriter!

5. Selkii is married! Back in Dec. 2018, the singer penned a sweet Instagram message to her hubby in honor of their 2-year anniversary. “Married 2 years today to this crazy cat!” she wrote. “Babe, Thankyou for being just YOU- you are all I could ever have wished for in a husband and best friend- and so much more. 🙂 They say time flies when you’re having fun which explains how I still feel as giddy as I did on our first date ,rollerblading around Miami on a Port day haha! I can’t imagine a life without your treasure of a mind, and your big warm heart that always finds a way to surprise me, inspire me, humor me, teach me. I love you more than words can tell Edzui! Being your copilot is all I’ll ever need.”

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