SEE: Why Jantar Mantar is a historical wonder

The observatory is a fascinating place for kids and adults, discovers Ashish Narsale.
All photographs and video: Ashish Narsale/Rediff.com

Have you been to Jantar Mantar in Delhi?

Then you’ll agree why Jantar Mantar should be on everyone’s itinerary.

The observatory built by Maharaja Jai Singh II from Jaipur features 19 interesting architectonic astronomical structures that were used to determine time, date, position of stars in the 17th century.

At a time when smartphones and technology have simplified our lives, places like Jantar Mantar blend our rich history and talent into teaching us basic concepts about math, science and geography.

Rediff.com‘s Ashish Narsale recently visited the place with his family.

Do check out some photographs of the fascinating observatory. And don’t forget to watch the video where the guide explains the significance of the structures built by our ancestors.



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