Scott Disick ‘Happy’ Younes Is Out Of Kourtney’s Life: He Hated Him Being A ‘Father Figure’

Sounds like Kourtney and Younes’ breakup isn’t all bad! Scott Disick, for one, is glad that the young model will no longer be around his little ones, says a source close to the Kardashian fam.

Kourtney Kardashian, 39, may not be dating Younes Bendjima, 25, anymore, but their breakup doesn’t just affect the two of them! It affects Kourt’s family members, as well — especially the three kids she shares with Scott Disick, 35. Since Younes met Kourtney back in 2016, he’s been around them a lot — most of three-year-old Reign Disick‘s life if you think about it! But that’s all in the past now, and Scott is counting his lucky stars, a source close to the Kardashians told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He is happy that Younes is no longer a potential father figure for the kids,” the insider said. “He’s happy that he is out of their lives.” We wonder what his concerns were? Scott sure is fine with his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, 19, hanging with his kiddos.

Scott even made sure that Sofia spent more time with his little ones than Younes did, said a source close to the fam back in July. “Having fun with the kids comes naturally to Sofia. She loves holding the kids and playing with them, but Younes is struggling a bit more,” the insider explained. “It’s a complicated situation but Younes is feeling the pressure to be better or at least as fun as Sofia with the kids.” In the end, it sounds like he never measured up to Scott’s standard! But whatever reasons Scott had for being so against Younes, his relief at the breakup doesn’t mean that he’s glad Kourtney is going through it. While he wishes his ex didn’t have to deal with such a messy split — did you catch wind of those cheating rumors? — he’s just looking at the positives. And in his case, he considers having Mason, 8, Penelope, 6 and Reign away from Younes a good thing!

But all things considered, the father of three knows this is a hard time for Kourtney and we hear that he’s being supportive. The couple do have tons of history between them, so whether or not you like them together, you have to admit it’s sweet that he has her back.

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