Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin: We’re Moving to Miami! Together!

It may be gross, but Amelia Hamlin and Scott Disick aren’t worried about their massive age gap.

Instead, the 19-year-old model and the 37-year-old father of three are happily enjoying their romance.

They’re not just moving in together — they’re moving together.

Scott and Amelia are taking up residence in Florida for the foreseeable future.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the famous May-December couple are setting up shop in Miami.

“Scott’s planning to move to Miami temporarily,” an inside source reports.

The insider explains that he is doing so “for a change of scenery [and] pace.”

But he won’t be in the Gunshine State full-time, however.

“And,” the source details, “he will split his time between there and L.A.”

Scott will of course be doing this “so he can see his kids and the rest of the family.”

A second insider reports: “Amelia is planning on moving in with him.”

According to the source: “Scott was lonely when he and Sofia [Richie] broke up.”

The insider details that it was this loneliness “which is one of the reasons he and Amelia got together so quickly.”

“They’ve been getting a bit more serious for now” the source reveals.

The insider characterizes their relationship: “Scott has been having a good time with Amelia.”

Yes, it is not a surprise to hear that he has been enjoying dating the gorgeous 19-year-old model.

Scott and Amelia were first connected early last November.

The two were spotted hanging out “as friends” at a Halloween party, even arriving together.

In addition to well-deserved condemnation for anyone who couldn’t skip one f–king year of Halloween parties during the pandemic, the possible pairing piqued interests.

For weeks, however, there was no confirmation that they were boning each other.

Report after report claimed that the two were “just friends” or barely even knew each other.

Arriving together, fans were led to believe, was simply a coincidence and nothing to get worked up over.

That was a surprise, since Amelia is exactly Scott’s type: that is, a 19-year-old model.

(Remember, he spent months in 2017 boning every 19-year-old model who’d let him in … to her life)

And, like Scott’s exes like Sofia Richie and Kourtney Kardashian, Amelia is from a famous family.

Scott Disick Says "I Love You"

Could Scott find an equally beautiful young model who is like 24 or 26? Yes.

But it is the general consensus that creepy older famous dudes who date super-young women aren’t just after the beauty of youth.

In some cases, they date younger women who are less likely to call them out on their BS because they lack life experience.

Regardless, the “just friends” facade couldn’t last forever.

It wasn’t long before Amelia was posting modeling selfies in Scott’s house.

Some of those snaps were shots of her wearing very, very little clothing … in Scott’s recognizable bathroom.

Of course, many people can sympathize with Scott’s thirst for Amelia. She’s gorgeous!

And who can blame a man for wanting someone to look after him in his advanced age?

(Even if Scott were younger than I am, I’d be making this joke about him or any man his age dating a teenager)

However, a lot of people are worried that Amelia is letting Scott waste her time like he wasted Sofia’s.

That said, let’s look at it this way — Amelia is an adult woman who can make her own choices.

Besides, all of this attention can’t be bad for her (already very successful) modeling career, can it?

That said, we hope that she doesn’t come to regret this relationship.

Following a man halfway across the country isn’t quite the same when you’re rich and famous as it is for normal folks.

But following a man to Florida? Girl …

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