Sam Faiers told to use electric toothbrush to ease blocked milk duct after her body ‘shut down’

Sam Faiers has been advised to turn to an electric toothbrush for assistance after revealing her body "shut down" due to a blocked milk duct.

In a post shared to her Instagram Story, the former TOWIE star, who recently revealed she felt like a "human cow", detailed her recent breast feeding battle, which she said began with a "really tender pain in my right breast".

Mum-of-three Sam, who welcomed her third child last month, opened up to fans as she posted a snap of the newborn sleeping in her lap on her Instagram story.

She told fans by writing on top of the image: "Then my whole body went into shutdown. I was shivering & cold. My bones were aching. It was flu-like symptoms.

"So I basically had a blocked milk duct. I've never experienced that before. It was soo painful. Today I've rested in bed all day. I took 2 warm baths (the warm water helps with the blocked duct)," she continued.

Sam detailed her plight further, writing: "I let the baby feed all day on the affected breast to try and clear the blockage.

"Anyways I feel a million times better this evening after a full day of rest, but wow that was so painful. I feel like the duct is released. Just going to keep a close eye on it."

In a follow-up post, Sam shared another snap of her baby soundly asleep.

She wrote: "This little sweetie has laid with me all day. He's been so content. It's like he knew mumma wasn't well."

Later, the reality star shared a series of advice people had given her on her blocked duct.

One person wrote: "Hey Sam, I have had blocked ducts many times. I find massaging the duct with an electric toothbrush really helps and feeding on all 4S leaning over baby. Sounds strange haha but works."

Another added: "Electric toothbrush on the blocked milk duct in a hot shower to help unblock it. Works wonders."

A third said: "I had a blocked duct a few times with my little one. I definitely found keeping them feeding on it helped. I also found messaging and hot water bottle helpful."

Sam wrote: "Thank you for all the advice."

Last month, Sam gave birth to her third child with long-term partner Paul Knightley, and the pair are also doting parents to Paul Junior, six, and Rose, four.

Earlier this week, Sam explained to her followers that life with three young children wasn't as easy as it seems, and she felt like a "human cow" when it came to feeding her youngest at times.

While Sam previously opened up about "still finding her feet" with her adorable newborn.

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