Russell Westbrook & Wife Reveal They’re Expecting Twin Girls — Watch Sweet Announcement

NBA star Russell Westbrook and his wife Nina Westbrook released a new YouTube video on Sept. 18 and in it, they happily revealed that they are expecting twin girls!

Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player Russell Westbrook, 29, shared some exciting baby news with his wife, Nina, in a YouTube video titled “The Little Ark” on Sept. 18 and it’s double the joy! The couple announced that they were expecting twin girls this fall in the sweet video while talking about their current family life with their one-year-old son, Noah. “There will be two of them, we’re having twins,” Nina said in the video. “If Noah gets out of hand they’ll be able to both jump on him at the same time.” Russell also talked about what he’s looking forward to with having two new daughters. “It’s obviously something that is not obviously, you know, normal, but I think it’s something very, very exciting for us and something I look forward to,” he explained. “Just, you know, having two girls is exciting in itself, but just having been able to be blessed and have more children I think is a complete honor and it’s a blessing to start there and after that as parents, I think we can take the rest so we’ll be fine.”

Russell continued praising his role as a dad in the intimate video when he explained that it’s the most important thing to him. “Being a dad is more important to me than anything else,” he admitted. “Family is always the most important thing for me, regardless of what I do. It’s important that Noah knows I’m his dad first and not a basketball player or anything else that I do. That’s the most important part to me – to make sure that being a father, husband and a family man is more important than anything else.”

Russell having two baby girls is kind of ironic considering he’s know for being quite the tough man on the court. His softer side can definitely be seen when he’s around his family and we think the addition of the twins will make it come out even more so! The happy news comes at a time when Russell is waiting for the new basketball season to start so we’d say it’s a good way to spend his time off!

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