Royal reporters: The timing of Omid Scobie’s ‘Endgame’ is ‘utterly deplorable’!

Over the weekend, there was a British talk show clip circulating on Twitter. The clip featured Robert Jobson, one of the many royal biographers and commentators. Jobson is mostly known as having some kind of inside track with King Charles and Camilla. The reason why the clip was circulating was because Jobson shockingly did not toe the royal line about Omid Scobie or Scobie’s Endgame. Jobson praised Scobie as a “pretty good” journalist and rejected the claims that Scobie is the “Sussexes’ cheerleader.”

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I thought of this clip as I watched the Daily Mail hate machine gear up for what will probably be a weeks-long campaign targeting Scobie:

Omid Scobie’s decision to piggyback the release of his new Prince Harry and Meghan Markle book on the King’s 75th birthday and the sixth and final series of The Crown was branded ‘deplorable’ today.

Royal journalist and author Phil Dampier told MailOnline: ‘We all know that Scobie is their mouthpiece and he gets his information directly or indirectly from the Sussexes, so anything which is hurtful to Charles, Camilla or William and Kate, will just make things much worse. Let’s put it this way – I can’t see Harry and Meghan coming over for a family Christmas. The King has always left the door open for his son and will continue to do so. But in reality if there are more serious allegations in Scobie’s book it will set back any chance of a reconciliation’.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said: ‘The timing of this is utterly deplorable. I think the Sussexes will have to think hard about whether or not Scobie is their spokesman or their friend. It will be interesting to see if Harry and Meghan will still want to be associated with Scobie after this. Of course, the fact that it’s been leaked to People magazine makes one wonder what’s been going on behind the scenes’.

[From The Daily Mail]

LMAO “the fact that it’s been leaked to People magazine” – it was not “leaked.” Scobie and his publisher agreed to give People Magazine exclusive excerpts along with an interview with Scobie. It’s called book promotion. Many royal biographers/authors work that way, they just work out a serialization deal with a British newspaper. As for the pissy threats about “I can’t see Harry and Meghan coming over for a family Christmas” – they’re so mad that they don’t have anything else to threaten the Sussexes with. And again, Scobie has made it clear that he has a wide array of sources from Camp Sussex, Camp Wales, Camp Charles/Camilla and Camp Spencer too.

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