Rod Stewart reacts to Piers Morgan’s ‘handcuffs’ comment after wife Penny ‘arrests’ him

Rod Stewart talks about life in lockdown with wife Penny

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Rod Stewart, 76, has responded to Piers Morgan’s, 56, comments about Penny Lancaster’s, 50, “handcuffs”. The event happened at Camden’s Roundhouse, where they partied with the likes of David Beckham, Gary Lineker and Chris Evans. 

She pulled out her warrant card to jokily arrest me.

Piers Morgan

In Piers’ latest column with Mail on Sunday he spoke about the events of that night, including Rod’s reaction. 

He said: “As I chatted with Rod Stewart and his wife Penny, I congratulated her on becoming an active special constable with the City of London Police. 

“She pulled out her warrant card to jokily arrest me – ‘for being Piers Morgan’.”

He said to Penny: “Does your husband still believe that’s where you’re going in the middle of the night dressed as a policewoman carrying handcuffs?”

Piers said that Rod just burst out laughing at this, a response you maybe would not expect. 

Prior to this column, public knowledge of the events was from pictures and social media posts.

On September 17 Piers posted a picture of himself with the couple, with Penny flashing her badge. 

He captioned the photo: “‘You’re nicked Morgan…’

“Not easy going on the lash with Rod Stewart these days – his fabulous wife Penny is now (very admirably) a special constable with the City of London Police, and carries her warrant card around with her to bring an immediate half to any excessive partying…” 

Some of Piers 1.8 million Instagram followers were quick to the comments to praise the happy couple. 

Lindy.lou241 said: “Great pic! (sic)

“More attractive than ur average constable.” (sic)

C6ute added: “I love Rod and Penny! 

“Penny I may have loved Rod longer than you!! 

“But you are perfect xx”.

Rod and Penny, have been happily married for 14 years and have two children together. 

Penny, a former model, received her badge in April when she officially became a Special Constable. 

She announced her plans to join the City of London police force in June 2020 after being inspired by her appearance on Channel 4’s Famous and Fighting Crime in 2019. 

As for Piers, he recently signed a new deal with News Corp and Fox News Media, launching a new TV show in early 2022. 

He will also take on the role as a columnist for The Sun and The New York Post. 

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