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Roadies Real Heroes is currently going through a high voltage drama. In the last weekend’s episode, the series saw one of its contestants getting injured. In the episode, Gaurav Thukral dislocated his shoulder and was badly injured during a task. Soon he was hospitalised after the task. Gaurav was a part of Nikhil Chinapa’s gang. The gang has been heavily trolled by the other members for its bad performance in the season. Taking Gaurav’s bravery as an example, Nikhil wrote a note on his Instagram handle talking how his team members have not given up yet. In his moving long post, Nikhil also revealed how Gaurav’s shoulder was badly bruised and dislocated.

His long post read, “It’s never the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. To everyone who’s ever commented to say gang Nikhil is weak, please take a long walk off a short pier. Watching Simran and Bharg in action during the last task was a revelation in what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it. As a gang, we had a chat before the task, discussing how we’d not had the best luck and how we’d had to play smart to survive without immunities. The gang as one, decided that enough was enough – we were going to give it our all, in every single way immaginable. We were in Kodagu – our penultimate desination and also the land of my ancestors, which I have to admit, fired me up as well. We decided that regardless of the end result, we were going to go hell-for-leather, pedal-to-the-metal, bejabbers and bonkers like a bat-out-of-hell, EVERY single chance we got. I couldn’t be prouder of Simran, Bhargsetu and Lakshya after this task. Prince and I didn’t speak and we didn’t try and make an alliance. I think we both sensed it, in an unspoken way that if we split up here, regardless of who won what, we’d have some immunities and we’d also have the numbers in a vote-out.
The task was brutish to say the least. Neither girl nor boy asked for leniency and none was given. To see Simran and Bharg tackle and hold down fellow contestants who were bigger than them, made me smile. Well done girls! Sadly, Gaurav was injured and quite badly. He was right in front of me when it happened and when I bent down to him, his forearm was bent away from his elbow at an unnatural angle. I immediately saw it was a dislocation and I held his arm above the elbow, his hand in my hand and pulled outward and rotated. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but the elbow seemed to go back in place and I don’t think he felt anything as his body was still in shock.
By then the doctor arrived and I stepped away while he, Bidhan and Bharg took over, splinting his arm to stabalise it and he was put into the ambulance. We suspected a fracture and a shoulder dislocation – but fortunately, scans showed that just his elbow had dislocated, but he was going to be okay.”


Even Rannvijay Singha shared a post narrating Gaurav’s injury and applauding his sportsmanship.


Well, Roadies is indeed getting tougher with each passing day. Stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more updates.

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