Rick Astley brands Elton John ‘ridiculous and crazy’ as he details unlikely connection

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Rick Astley, 54, who rose to fame with his hit 80s song Never Gonna Give You Up, has gone into detail about when he first met Sir Elton John, 73. The popstar explained why the Rocketman singer is “ridiculous and crazy”, as he explained their personal connection.

He’s got time for people.

Rick Astley

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Rick spoke out about his memories of Elton from over the years.

He stated: “Well, he was kind enough to come and play the piano on a record of mine donkey’s years ago when I was a kid and he basically invited my wife and I out for dinner in LA.

“I kind of know his world a tiny bit because I’m really good friends with his guitar player [Davey Johnstone] he’s been with for forever.

“And his wife [Kay Johnstone] and my wife are best friends, they’re both from Denmark… Davey I’ve known forever.”

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Rick, who wed his producer other half Lene Bausager in 2013, went on to explain how Elton is still “in love” with music after rising to fame in the seventies.

“He’s very great. He’s very gracious with people. He’s got time for people.

“I just think it is a standout amazing thing that he’s still in love with music. He’s still listening to music all the time. But, he’s ridiculous. He’s absolutely crazy.”

The star then revealed that the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road singer continued to invest in “bags of CDs” when downloads came in.

“Up until when CDs kind of quit and everything, he was still buying bags of CDs every week.

“I don’t know half the people he’s talking about, but he’s just an avid fan of music still, so I think he’s just got that in his personality.”

Rick mentioned Elton has “always been a collector of things” because he doesn’t do things by half.

He continued: “He’s just extremely nice and friendly. I just think he’s that way inclined, he’s interested in what people are doing and what’s going on, which is why he’s very often doing a duet with someone or getting someone up on stage to sing with him because I think he’s still a bit of a fan.


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“I think that’s pretty amazing considering the career he has no matter how many years he’s done it for. He’s just got that catalogue of songs as well, but I don’t care what age you are, you know some of his songs.”

Elton has now sold over 300 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

The star’s debut album Empty Sky was released in 1969, before releasing his first hit single Your Song in 1970.

It comes after Rick opened up about how he never made it as an “artist”, and grew tired of being in the limelight quite quickly.

He divulged: “I was a pop star and I wasn’t what I call an artist.

“I wasn’t really a musician. I was kind of a pop star and they are different jobs.”

Rick concluded: “I think they’re kind of the same, but they’ve got a different set of parameters, and being a pop star, you get sick of it.

“You just get sick of it pretty soon. I just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

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