Rep. Madison Cawthorn lost his Republican primary after his party took him down

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Tuesday was primary day for so many midterm races and there are so many horrible/interesting storylines going forward. In Pennsylvania, the Republican primary for the Senate is a free-for-all, with a very slender lead for Dr. Oz. In the Democratic primary for the same Senate seat, John Fetterman got a clear majority and he will be the Democratic candidate… even though he spent Election Day in the hospital, recovering from a minor stroke. In the primary for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor, Douglas Mastriano won. That’s the “Trump-backed” candidate.

One of the biggest and weirdest primary stories was definitely down in North Carolina. Rep. Madison Cawthorn was everything the Republican party wants to be: young, fascist, closeted, armed, crazy, misogynistic and racist. But Cawthorn flew too close to the sun, or rather he was too crazy even for Republicans. Cawthorn made public comments about how Republicans have cocaine-fueled orgies and then… the GOP took him down. The GOP ran an Nixon-style Dirty Tricks op on him, leaking damaging photos and videos of him. Cawthorn lost his primary.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a freshman Republican who’s been beset by scandal since taking office last year, has been ousted in a heated primary in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, according to a race call from The Associated Press.

Cawthorn lost to state Sen. Chuck Edwards, who had received the backing of some Republicans who had tired of Cawthorn’s controversies.

As of the AP race call, Edwards had received more than 33% of the vote, to Cawthorn’s nearly 32% of the vote. In North Carolina, a winner just needs to cross a 30% threshold in order to avoid a July runoff election. The result is a stunning defeat for Cawthorn, who is a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump — and who had Trump’s endorsement.

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Cawthorn is pro-insurrection, by the way. He calls the terrorists who stormed the Capitol “political hostages” and said that “If our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it’s gonna lead to one place and it’s bloodshed.” Shocked he didn’t go on a murderous rampage when he lost the primary, honestly. He was taken to the woodshed by his own party, and he actually seemed a bit subdued by it.

"They realize the direction the country's going in, the direction the population's going … I think the American people will see through that." pic.twitter.com/wDb7V5AXXP

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