‘Really not nice’ Freddie Flintoff’s wife Rachael exposed Top Gear star’s weird sex habit

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Freddie Flintoff, 44, has been married to Rachael Wools Flintoff since 2005, and the couple shares four children. Rachael once gave a very personal insight into her sex life with her husband and something that sometimes ruins their intimate moments.

It’s really wrong.

Rachael Flintoff

Rachael once admitted that a device her husband uses has gotten in the way while in the bedroom.

She spoke to her husband Freddie about the issue on the Channel 4 show Married To A Celebrity: The Survival Guide.

She said to her husband: “This is the weirdest and most wrong out of everything you do.

“Robbie Savage bought him a Fitbit for Christmas but there’s certain intimate moments in the bedroom, you should take your Fitbit off.

“Things are happening and then your husband’s wrist is flashing telling him his heartbeat and how hard he’s working. It’s really wrong.

“It’s putting me off though. It’s like you’re seeing it as another training session rather than anything else. It’s really not nice.”

Freddie explained: “I just want to get my steps in! When I get excited my legs start going and the steps go on.

“But if I try a bit harder, I can get to 4,000 calories.”

The couple met in 2002 when Freddie was playing cricket at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, which Rachael attended for a business event.

But due to the star’s hectic work schedule as an international sportsman, Freddie often had to jet off for long periods of time during the start of their relationship.

He admitted that both he and Rachael are now used to spending long periods of time apart.

Freddie said: “When we met I travelled a lot because I played cricket.

“I would go away for three or four months and she would come out for a little bit of it,” he added.

The former England player told how after retiring, his wife becomes antsy if he is now at home for too long.

“Even since retiring from cricket, the jobs I’ve done have been taking me away from home,” Freddie continued.

“We are used to living like that.

“If I spend an extended period of time at home, she is looking at me and she will say, ‘When are you off again?'” he told The Sun.

Freddie and Rachael married in 2005 at the Pavilion Road Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Rachael was previously signed to Storm model agency and ran her own events company at the age of 19.

Since meeting in 2002, the couple have had four children together.

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