Princess Charlene posts Instagram showing how she’s FaceTime-ing with her kids


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In late June, Princess Charlene made a statement (in English) that she would not be returning to Monaco for her tenth wedding anniversary. Her explanation for her absence was her “ongoing” medical issues, related somehow to the ENT infection she got in South Africa soon after she traveled to the country in early May. When she told the world she wouldn’t be with Albert on their July 1st anniversary, she said she “had no choice but to follow the medical team’s instructions” and had only recently undergone some new surgery. Last week, she issued yet another statement, in English (the language of Monaco is French) that “It’s been a trying time for me. I miss my husband and children dearly.”

I bring all of this up because the situation with Charlene just keeps getting weirder. You would think that if “medical drama” is Charlene’s cover story, she would keep up appearances and try to make it seem like she was in and out of the hospital and feeling ghastly. Instead, Charlene posted five photos on her Instagram where she appears to be… fine. Walking around, leaning over as she FaceTimes her kids, not really looking ill or recently hospitalized. She captioned the IG: “Spending time with Jacqui and Bella making blankets for the crèche next door. Wish me luck.” Who took the photos? Why does Charlene look okay enough to travel?

In People Mag’s coverage, they noted: “The palace previously confirmed to PEOPLE that there are plans for Prince Albert and the couple’s twins to travel to South Africa soon.” I’m starting to wonder if this was really an escape or whether it was an exile. Did Albert exile his wife? It starting to feel like it – that this was not actually Charlene’s choice, and that she wants to go back to Monaco but Albert is preventing it, and that’s why she keeps releasing these sugary statements. Hm.

God her hair is so bad. Was she exiled because Albert wants her to grow out her hair?!

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Photos courtesy of Charlene’s IG.

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