Prince Harry Hasn't Given Royals an Advanced Copy of His Memoir, Prompting Speculation of "Shock Drop"

Prince Harry’s memoir—you know, the one that has the royals spiraling—is due to come out later this year, and apparently his family won’t be getting advanced copies—and neither will their “lawyers and advisors.”

The Telegraph reports that Prince Charles and Prince William will be reading the memoir at the same time as the rest of us, and that never of them have seen “any part of the manuscript” or been told “when the book will be published.”

The outlet also reports that sources close to Charles “indicated” he was hoping his team would have been sent a copy of the book in advance, though apparently it’s “unlikely to be on his reading list” anyway. Meanwhile, palace sources also didn’t seem to think Harry was likely to have a “chummy” reunion with William next month when he visits the UK due to the book.

The Telegraph reports that the memoir’s pre-release strategy is likely to be “carefully designed” and there’s speculation that Penguin will do a “shock drop.” What is a shock drop, you ask? Per the outlet, it’s when “a short, sharp flurry of revelations” drop directly ahead of a book—potentially with a TV appearance or magazine cover. There’s also another theory that the book is actually the opposite of “explosive” and that the reason no one has been given advance notice is because there’s really nothing all that dramatic in it.

Either way, a source tells The Telegraph that “These publishers are too not the types to publish and be damned. They have reputations to protect. The biggest potential issue is not defamation but truth—accuracy.”

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