Pregnant Jana Kramer Slams Mom-Shamers Who Go After New Parents Like Khloe Kardashian

The actress also revealed her thoughts about a possible “One Tree Hill” reboot.

Jana Kramer is against any and all types of mom-shaming.

The actress, country singer, and full-time mom spoke to TooFab about dealing with the haters. Kramer, who is just weeks away from giving birth to her second child, knows first hand about the ups and downs of motherhood, especially when it comes to dealing with backlash.

Many women, such as reality star Khloe Kardashian, often receive criticism over certain decisions they make during their pregnancy and in early motherhood.

"I have no idea why people would criticize women wanting to work out during pregnancy," the "One Tree Hill" star said. "I think [it’s fine] if you’re cleared by your doctor — my doctor recommended it. He’s like, ‘You should move. It helps you feel better. It helps you, helps your energy.’"

"So just being healthy and strong and being in shape, I think it totally helps you bounce back quicker," she continued. "[I]f you’re cleared by your doctor one of the best things to do is to work out and just keep moving."

Although Kramer said that most of the backlash doesn’t really "bother" her, there are still certain comments that can strike a nerve.

"When it comes to, ‘oh my God, I can’t believe you’re not breastfeeding. ‘I can’t believe you’re already on a date night with your husband and I can’t believe you’re doing this.’ It’s the mom shame," she said. "It’s like, you know what, why can’t we just say, ‘We’re just doing the best we can and we’re the parents. So bugger off.’"

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Kramer is best known for her work on the teen drama "One Tree Hill," where she played Alex Duprés from 2009 to 2012.

"It’s like a cult classic," Kramer said of the beloved series. "I swear people just started watching it on Netflix or Hulu. It’s just crazy [how] the younger generations are now watching it. So I get people from everywhere being like, ‘Oh my gosh, ‘One Tree Hill,’ I love that show.’"

Kramer told TooFab that her time filming "OTH" in Wilmington, North Carolina was like "summer camp," where "everyone then goes to a different job afterwards." She also revealed that some of the girls still text occasionally, but the only cast-member she sees regularly is Shantel VanSanten (who played Quinn James) because they are neighbors.

While "One Tree Hill" was very popular and still has dedicated fans today, Kramer doesn’t think a revival will be happening anytime soon, if at all.

"I don’t think it ever will," Kramer said. "I don’t think Sophia [Bush] would do it again."

According to Kramer, everyone who was involved in the series has moved on to "new chapters," with Bush especially being "so busy."

However, there is another — bigger — obstacle standing in the way of any possible reboot, according to Kramer. The actress said that the "number one" priority would be to get a new showrunner.

Mark Schwahn, the creator and original showrunner of "One Tree Hill," was fired from "The Royals" last year over claims of sexual misconduct. Leading up to the firing, 18 "One Tree Hill" former cast members and crew signed a letter accusing Schwahn of sexual harassment, including Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz. Their joint letter came five years after "OTH" went off the air. Schwahn, creator of both series, was fired by Lionsgate and E! last fall after an investigation into more than 40 claims of harassment by the stars and crews of "The Royals" and "One Tree Hill".

Despite all of this, Kramer still said "never say never" about a possible revival someday.

"Alex would love to reprise her part," she said in a nod to her character on the series.

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