Peter Andre takes ‘unreal’ trip for huge movie project: ‘I’ll cherish it forever’

Peter Andre has given us some juicy teasers about a brand new project he's been working on. For the last week, the Aussie singer and new!columnist has been recording in Jamaica for an upcoming movie. Though he's admitted to having had a ball on his trip, he's glad to be home with his kids and wife Emily, after having travelled for much of the last few months.

Writing in his weekly new! magazine column, Mysterious Girl singer Peter described his island-life experience as 'unreal' and said he'll forever cherish the memories that he made. Here, he also discusses his involvement in the Take A Moment mental health campaign, as well as his verdict on this year's Grammys. Lastly, he'll reveal his most bizarre celeb encounter – trust us, you'll want to hear this! Sign up – for free! – to see what he has to say.

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Busy! Busy! Busy!

"I’ve just landed home after a week in Jamaica where we’ve been shooting for a film, and oh my goodness, what a place! It was unreal.

"I’d never been before, but I was lucky enough to observe what’s known as the 'real Jamaica' as we were taken to places that tourists normally wouldn’t go. I met some truly amazing people and saw some breath-taking sights.

"It was an experience I’ll cherish forever. The film is still being shot in several different locations, which I’ll be involved with between my Grease rehearsals. Even though I haven’t given too much away on the movie just yet, I’ll let you know more soon.

"At the time of writing, I’m on my way home from the airport. I’ve arrived a day earlier than expected to surprise the kids, who are enjoying their half-term break. I’ve been travelling so much recently – Australia to visit my parents, Puerto Rico to host Miss World and then Jamaica – so I can’t wait to be reunited with the kids.

"I’ll be cooking them dinner this week, and tucking the younger ones into bed. It’ll be great to give Emily a break, too. It’s important to fit in some family downtime before the chaos commences again."


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A Moment To Spare?

"I worked with photographer Ray Burmiston on a picture for mental health campaign Take A Moment. I couldn’t wait to be involved in the Piccadilly Circus exhibition of Ray’s photos of famous faces with their eyes closed to encourage people to take a moment each day to reflect on their wellbeing.

"I’m so proud of those behind this for pushing it into the spotlight. As someone who has suffered and spoken of mental health issues, I know it can be a silent assassin.

"There are millions of people struggling out there but, where it was once dismissed, it’s finally being taken seriously. The more we speak up, the more that can be done."

Grammys Galore

"Lady Gaga blew the world away last week after bagging her 13th Grammy award. What an achievement! Look how far she’s come – starting out in 2008 with her first chart-topper Just Dance, to releasing an award-winning album with the legend that is Tony Bennett. Not to mention the Golden Globe and Academy Award she picked up along the way.

"The industry was sceptical about Gaga when she first came on the scene because of her unique voice and sometimes unconventional style, but there’s simply no question that she’s become one of the best-loved and widely adored icons of this generation. Awesome stuff, Lady G!"

Encounters Of A Celeb Kind

"Last week, the Loose Women were talking about unusual meetings with celebs. Coleen Nolan’s was with Oasis’s Noel Gallagher, who tapped her on the shoulder in Euston Station and said, 'My mum would kill me if I didn’t say hello to you!'

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"It made me think of my encounter with Noel’s brother, Liam Gallagher. He once said some harsh things about me in an interview. I took it on the chin, as I’d been told it’s his nature.

"A while later, I bumped into him and he not only apologised, but praised me for being a great father and for my relationship with my kids. I didn’t expect it! I knew about his “tough guy” bravado, but we talked about our families. It was a bizarre encounter, but a good one."

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