Peter Andre left gobsmacked after being woken up by Michael McIntyre

Whilst the majority of us would love to know exactly what happens behind the doors of Peter Andre’s family home, one lucky man holds all the answers…

In fact, a certain Michael McIntyre has managed to bag himself the full Pete experience – having broken into the singers pad to surprise a very sleepy and slightly surprised Andre family!

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Pete, 45, suffered a break-in from the TV funny-man as part of BBC One’s Michael McIntyre‘s Big Show.

Whilst snuggled up in bed with his 29-year-old wife Emily, who is the mother of his two youngest tots, four-year-old Amelia and two-year-old Theodore, Pete was given the surprise of his life as Michael came bounding in his bedroom.

Deciding to bring the party with him, Michael appeared alongside his special plus one – a guest who was hidden under a giant kangaroo costume.

After the Mysterious Girl hitmaker had managed to get over the initial shock of his home invasion, Pete was then challenged to guess the identity of Michael’s furry friend through a series of clues.

Explaining his challenge, Michael told Pete: ‘ There are clues to who is inside this costume. There are clues in the pouch if you’d like to reach into the pouch.’

After Pete retrieved a scrabble case which spelled out ‘Midnight Games Owl’, with the ‘H’ in Midnight missing, Michael added: ‘Right, what are you getting from that? If it’s nothing you can reach in the pouch for another one.’

Clearly confused, Pete then pulled his second clue – which was a set of steps.

After his third clue, a microphone, failed to give Pete any clarity again, he then received his final clue – a calculator with the numbers five, six, seven and eight on the screen.

Appearing to have been hit with a big realisation, Pete began shrieking: ‘I know, I know!’

Peter then held up the stairs and called them ‘steps’, before singing ‘five, six, seven and eight’ into the microphone to the tune of the hit song by 90s band Steps.

‘Mike from Steps,’ he then triumphantly said, prompting laughter from Michael and Emily.

Helping out the confused star, Michael responded: ‘Nearly, what’s missing here? What’s missing in the scrabble letters?’

‘H… H… H from Steps’, Peter finally announced.

The famous singer, whose real name is Ian ‘H’ Watkins, then emerged from beneath the fluffy costume – visibly struggling with the heat of his stuffy suit.

Lets hope Pete will start locking his front door from now on!

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show continues this Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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