Olivia Rodrigo Seems to Confirm Who ‘get him back!’ Is About With New Music Video – Watch Now!

Olivia Rodrigo just unveiled the brand new music video for her new song “get him back!” off of her latest album GUTS!

The 20-year-old’s new fast-paced visual was shot entirely using the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max, which was just officially announced on Tuesday (September 12), just hours before the video dropped.

While fans have been speculating who the songs on GUTS are about, Olivia seemed to drop a major Easter egg in the “get him back!” video, which seemingly points to exactly who she’s referencing in the song.

Get the scoop inside…

After the song was released, the lyric, “I met a guy in the summer and I left in the spring,” has been speculated to be about her ex Adam Faze. Their relationship was first revealed in July 2021 and they were confirmed to have split the following February.

In the music video, during the scene pictured here, you can see a blurred photo in the background, but the picture very closely resembles and looks just like Adam. Compare that to this photo!

While speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Olivia revealed that “get him back!” is one of her favorite songs.

“Yeah, super fun to write. I really like the chorus. It feels sticky to me and it feels like something that I would want a crowd to sing,” she said.

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