Olivia Newton John fans ‘in tears’ over husband’s tribute to late star

Olivia Newton-John's niece breaks down in tears in interview

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Olivia Newton John died tragically last month following a battle with breast cancer and now her husband of over a decade has taken to Instagram to pay tribute to the legendary singer and actress.might have died, but her Instagram page is very much alive with her husband’s regular posts. Her fans flocked to the most recent tribute, which marked the 74th birthday of the late star loved by so many.

Husband John Easterling shared a photo of the pair of them to mark the special day, along with a detailed memory of the first birthday she’d had while in a relationship with him.

Taking a poignant trip down memory lane, he spoke of the “week-long adventure” they’d had while cruising the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

“I rented a house on an island with no roads so we got a boat to go with your house,” he recalled, reliving how the residence, where they would take their supplies, also had a generator.

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The romantic break away from all intrusion was one of John’s fondest memories of the pair’s time together.

“It was private, it was wonderful, and we would take the boat to uninhabited islands and beach it and just explore it – just the two of us,” he recalled.

Then a terrifying storm struck for the pair, leaving John to navigate their way back with just a magnetic compass.

“The sea got really choppy and grey and then the rain came,” he explained.

“The wind was howling, the boat was rolling and slamming into the waves, rain was stinging like someone throwing thumbtacks in your face,” Olivia’s husband continued.

“I had a bearing on Elbow Cay, but there was no visibility.

“I was wondering if the currents and winds had blown us between two islands and maybe we were out in the open ocean headed to Africa,” he exclaimed.

However, as Olivia clung to him from behind and he continued to navigate the perilous storm, it eventually began to die down.

The mist cleared, the seas returned to a brilliant shade of turquoise blue, and a rainbow appeared – a moment he would describe as “magic” and almost “supernatural”.

Seeing the Hopetown Lighthouse in the distance, he recalled with wonderment: “That’s when the dolphins started jumping at the bow of the boat, leading us to the rainbow.”

He added proudly of the moment: “Olivia looked at me like I was a superhero [although] I knew it was mostly blind faith and dumb luck.

“We both recognised fingerprints of the supernatural were all over this – and that’s how we lived our life.”

John admitted that, in his intensely moving relationship with Olivia, every single day had carried a hint of the supernatural.

Some of the star’s 833,000 followers flooded the page to praise the “spine-tingling” tribute, which some said had given them “goosebumps” or tears of emotion.

@bohojo_yoga inserted a rainbow emoji into her reply, exclaiming: “Awww, that brought a tear to my eye!”

@mommykaz1968 agreed, adding: “What a beautiful brilliant legacy of love light and positivity our precious Liv continues to radiate! The most beautiful Angel in Heaven and all our hearts.”

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