Offset Denies Fighting Quavo Backstage At Grammys Over Takeoff Tribute – But Key Video Featuring Cardi B Suggests Otherwise

So, wait, Offset and Quavo did NOT fight backstage at the Grammys on Sunday night?

That’s what Offset himself claims in a public statement on social media, at least. And yet new video evidence from the awards show’s off-camera prep area would seem to contradict his denial. Hmmm…

As Perezcious readers will recall, we’ve been covering the reported fight between the two Migos rappers that allegedly occurred Sunday night at the 65th annual music awards shindig. As we first documented on Monday, Offset and Quavo reportedly got into a “melee” behind the scenes at the Grammys immediately before the show’s “In Memoriam” segment.

That fight was supposedly brought about by the two rappers’ disagreements in the aftermath of fellow Migos star Takeoff‘s murder last November. Quavo had been set to perform his song Without You during the In Memoriam segment when producers allegedly invited Offset to join. Quavo did not want that, and instead wished to be alone for the Takeoff tribute. Tensions flared and the two — who are also cousins — allegedly got into a fight and had to be separated.

But now, Offset says that’s all wrong. On Monday, the 31-year-old rapper took to Twitter with his side of the story. His commentary was very brief and to the point, directly denying reports that he and his cousin fought over the Takeoff tribute backstage:

“What tf look like fighting my brother yal n***** is crazy”

So that’s that, then. If Offset denies the fight, it must not have went down like insiders previously claimed. Right?


New video from backstage seems to suggest otherwise. ET had their cameras rolling behind the scenes when their mics picked up Cardi B screaming at the top of her lungs. The video doesn’t show Cardi screaming; she’s behind a curtain down the hall from the camera. However, the audio clip is remarkably clear — and as we all know, Cardi has a REALLY unique voice.

So you can definitely pick up her one-of-a-kind timbre when the 30-year-old New York native goes off on two unnamed people with this telling call-out:

“Both of y’all is wrong! Both of y’all! This is not right! No, shut the f**k up, because you have been talking!”


Of course, as we’ve previously noted, Offset and Quavo have been at odds for a while. Offset was somewhat on the outs with Migos even before Takeoff’s death, choosing to pursue his own projects while the other two rappers continued releasing music. And the rift has really opened up ever since Takeoff’s murder back on November 1 in Houston, with Quavo on scene to witness the awful tragedy.

So, all that is to say it would make sense if Cardi was the one to step in on Sunday. She and Offset are together, and she’s openly talked about trying to console him through grief these last few months. And she knows Quavo well enough to tell him off, too. Truly, she would seem to be trying to play peacemaker during a very difficult situation.

Not long after the fight, ET host Kevin Frazier corralled the Bodak Yellow superstar and tried to get her to talk:

“I heard you back here settled some stuff.”

Cardi was too smart for that, though. Instead of taking the bait to divulge details about the fight, she responded:

“The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey.”

You can watch the screaming clip and that follow-up exchange go down (below):

First off, bless Cardi for thinking so fast to drop the line about her outfit and brush off the fight question. So smooth and cunning and quick-witted. Seriously!!

Beyond that, the ET video would appear to be pretty telling. Who else would Cardi be yelling at? And the “both of y’all is wrong” comment would seem to be a giveaway, too. Right? Cardi’s words telling each of them off would make perfect sense as an effort to bury the feud and come together once again. Just saying!

What do U think, tho, Perezcious readers?? Share your take on the backstage brouhaha down in the comments (below)…

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