Not Aishwarya Rai Bachchan but Kajol was approached first to play Shah Rukh Khan's sister in Josh

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s quote stating that initially Josh was supposed to be made with Salman and Shah Rukh Khan certainly has the internet excited. It definitely would have been a casting coup. This isn’t the first time that she opened up about it. She had revealed the same in a Stardust interview many years back. But the thing is, Salman wasn’t the only one who didn’t make it to the film. There were a host of others ranging from Aamir Khan to Kajol. Director of the film, Mansoor Khan during Jio MAMI film festival in 2016 had revealed that he had wanted to make the film with his cousin Aamir and SRK but the former didn’t think it was a great idea. (Also read: Tuesday Trivia: Before Josh, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan were to sign THIS movie together)

PTI quoted the director saying, “He (Aamir) refused to play the role. I saw that as perfect casting. Aamir wanted to change the image and he no longer wanted to play the lover boy or romantic hero. The character of Max was charismatic so, everyone wanted to play Max. So Aamir would have never let Shah Rukh play it.” He also mentioned he wanted Kajol to play SRK’s sister in the film but she too had her eyes set on Max’s role. “When I met Kajol to play Shah Rukhs sister she walked away. I asked her if she is doing the film she said I want to play Max. So it was such an enigmatic character,” the director had added.

So clearly, Josh changed many hands only because Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the film was so powerful and desirable. Now just imagine what if all these people had said yes to the project…perhaps it would have been the best film we had ever seen!  Not saying that it wasn’t.

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