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Nora Fatehi is on a roll! The actress is riding high on the success of her international song, Pepeta, which has already crossed over 13 million views on YouTube. Within just five years in Bollywood, Fatehi has managed to have a standing for herself in the industry. She has chartbuster songs like Dilbar, Kamariya and O Saki Saki to her credit. And her latest music video has been received well by the audiences too. Days after Pepeta released on the internet, BollywoodLife exclusively interacted with Nora Fatehi over a call. Right from talking about the challenges she faced while working on the song to the amount of fun she had with her team, the Bharat star revealed it all.

Here are the excerpts from our chat:

Always wanted to do an English song

I always thought of doing an English or International track. I had the vision of how this music video would be and what kind of vibe it would have. So, when I got back to my team, who worked with me on my first music video, I informed them that I want to do this English track which is western and very urban. We put the whole project together, and we shot in Thailand.

People advised Nora to work on a Hindi track

Being the producer of Pepeta, I was very scared, because I didn’t know in which direction it was going. It was also because a lot of people told me to do a Hindi song and not an English one. Music doesn’t really have a language. With Pepeta, I wanted to celebrate happiness and create a vibe of friends having a good time together in this track.

The big jump in Nora Fatehi’s career was…

My first music video was topping the charts for 8 weeks in the middle east and North Africa and it did really well here also. It was a big jump in my career.

Something that was stressful for Nora while shooting Pepeta…

I generally enjoy performing in music videos, but this time, it was very stressful. While I was performing in front of the camera, I also had to check what was happening behind the camera, so it was really stressful. However, when I saw the whole thing come together, I felt so good and fulfilling. I was glad that I was excelling as an artist with something and bringing something new to my fans.

There was no awkwardness during the shoot

From day one, I was very kicked about Pepeta. The only hard part was to bring different people from various parts of the world and create a track together. That was a bit scary because I wondered how would people get along but there was no awkwardness at all. Everybody was so happy and enjoying. Everyone was on the right note and the song turned out to be great.


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