Nicole Richie watches horror movies with her tweens, but only during the day

Nicole Richie was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Live last week, where she’s still promoting her Quibi show. Quibi is pretty much over. Except for the occasional thinkpiece about how it failed so spectacularly, no one is talking about it. I have heard very few people even say they’ve watched it, although one of you watched Nicole’s Quibi show and liked it. The last time we talked about Nicole she said she had just finished watching all the Sopranos. On Fallon she said she loves spending time with her kids and has been watching horror movies with them, but only during the day. I checked and they’re not even teenagers yet! Her daughter, Harlow, is 12 and her son, Sparrow, is 10. Here’s more of what she said:

On how she’s doing in lockdown
We’ve been here. Doing exactly what I’m told. We’ve been spending a lot of time together. We’ve had every emotion on the planet that you could possibly have over the past three months. We’ve had some really nice times and some low times. We’re doing it all together. It’s nice, it’s really the first time that all four of us have been living our lives together all the time.

I actually really love my kids just being with me all the time. I love hanging out with them, this is a fun age. We watch a lot of horror movies together. We like to do it in the day.

On how she’s talking to her kids about BLM
My kids are older in the sense that they’re not toddlers, and they do have access to the world and they talk to their friends, their friends have older siblings. The biggest gift that you can give your kids is to be honest with them and to be truthful with them. They are capable of understanding what’s going on in the world. They are capable of empathy and showing compassion. These kids are passionate. They know what’s going on. They’re having little TikTok protests. They are excited and we want to keep their excitement and that momentum and them knowing and believing that they really can create change.

[From The Late Show on YouTube]

After that Nicole talked about how she got into trap music and rap, which is the background for her Quibi show Nikki Fre$h, where she raps about organic gardening and sustainability. She said her kids are mortified by her doing that, but that they do wear her merchandise. I really liked how she explained talking to her kids about Black Lives Matter and the protests, and how kids care and understand. The more I see this generation’s activism, the more hope I have.

As for letting her kids watch horror movies, I wonder which ones exactly. My son doesn’t like horror or scary movies, and at ten he wouldn’t want to watch them and I wouldn’t have asked him. All kids are different though and she may be watching just mildly scary stuff with them.

Here’s that interview:

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