Nicola Adams and pregnant partner announce ‘it’s a boy’ as they defy ‘gender stereotypes’

Nicola Adams and Ella Baig reveal baby scan photo

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39-year-old Olympic boxer Nicola Adams, who has been in a relationship with girlfriend Ella Baig for the past four years, was delighted when her 24-year-old partner successfully fell pregnant, following four rounds of intensive IVF. Now the proud parents-to-be have announced the gender of their upcoming new arrival.

All the ups and downs were worth it in the end

Nicola Adams

The pair released pictures of an elated-looking Ella clutching an ultrasound scan photo, while proud Nicola placed her arms protectively around her girlfriend’s waist.

The couple have been proud to fly the flag for LGBTQ representation throughout their pregnancy journey.

Now, they have announced that they won’t apply any gender stereotypes to their unborn child.

Though they now know they are expecting a boy, they opted to include both blue and pink – the traditional colours for each gender – to the canvas, which they used for the big reveal.

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They then did away with the colour scheme altogether, peeling it back to reveal the words: “It’s a boy!”

Meanwhile, Ella explained the reasons behind the couple’s non-traditional decision.

“Being part of the LGBTQ community, I am aware of the issues surrounding gender reveals, as they often reinforce gender stereotypes,” she began,

“I thought this was a good opportunity to bring awareness to the difference between sex and gender and make it less stereotypical.

“We started off with the pink and blue, then got rid of it.”

Nicola gushed she is pleased to be welcoming a boy.

She followed Ella’s comments by adding to Hello! magazine: “It feels really good to finally have a baby on the way.

“All the ups and downs were worth it in the end.”

It had taken almost three years for model Ella to achieve a successful pregnancy due to health complications – and her health journey has, at times, been harrowing.

Nicola had her eggs frozen during her career as an Olympic champion, and opted to have one fertilised by a sperm donor, then implanted into Ella’s womb.

However, the first time the couple tried to conceive via IVF, Ella suffered a miscarriage after learning she was impacted by an underactive thyroid gland.

The pair then had to wait for her thyroid levels to improve before proceeding with another attempt.

The second pregnancy also failed a mere few weeks after news of a positive test, which left Nicola devastated.

“Of course, we knew that there was a chance of it being unsuccessful,” Nicola told Vogue at the time.

“[However] it’s hard to see those two lines on a pregnancy test and feel elated before having that ripped from you just a few weeks later.”

Now that Ella is in her second trimester, the pair felt excited to share their latest pregnancy update with the world with a photo – and supportive fans have expressed their warm wishes.

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