Nicki Minaj Vs. Cardi B: See Why Fans Think Beyoncé Is Taking Cardi’s Side In The Wild Feud

The fans have spoken: They think Beyoncé is Team Cardi. Sorry Nicki Minaj! Read up on all the theories, here.

Fans spied Nicki Minaj’s mug shot on Beyoncé’s website on Sept. 12, and think it’s a sign: she’s Team Cardi B! But before the rappers’ feud blew up even more at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party on Sept. 7, Beyoncé and JAY-Z, 48, have previously used Nicki’s mugshot as a backdrop at their On The Run II tour stops. And not Nicki alone — Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill are among other big names to have their police-taken head shots grace The Carter’s concert stages. So, why the uproar now? Well, fans are claiming that Nicki’s mug shot only popped up today on the front page of Beyoncé’s website, which was updated after their Arlington concert on Sept. 11. Curiously, no other mug shots are featured on the front page, which could just be a coincidence…but not according to the fans! “They always put [the mug shot] during the live show but it’s their first time putting it on the website,” one person tweeted on Sept. 12.

This theory arrives after Cardi posted a video to her Instagram on Sept. 11 from an earlier On The Run II concert stop. Her song “Bodak Yellow” is blasted at the concert, and the audience can be heard chanting along to the verses. But people — Cardi included — could be getting their alliances twisted, according to fans. “Beyonce been using approved funny mug shot photos of different celebs at her show. She decided to post the actual pic of Nicki on her website, after cardi was bragging on IG how OTR fans f**ked with her. She posted a old ass video of them rapping bodak yellow,” someone else tweeted, suggesting everyone’s got it wrong. Nicki’s mug shot could actually show Beyoncé is Team Nicki! Another Twitter user broke down how both sides are confused, tweeting, “The barbs are convinced Beyoncé is on Nicki’s side cause she’s been using Nicki’s mug shot on tour and the bardi gang think she’s on Cardi B’s side cause DJ Khaled is playing her music on the tour and ppl are singing the lyrics loudly.” What in Sasha Fierce is going on!? Well, another Twitter user suggested everyone relax, claiming, “That mug shot of nicki is from jayz set not Beyoncé’s.”

Well, whoever’s side Beyoncé is really on, at least Nicki has one legend vouching for her. As we’ve told you, Chris Brown is Team Nicki, a source close to the “I Don’t Die” singer EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife on Sept. 11. And speaking of exclusive scoops, we can also tell you this: Don’t fret too much on what sides celebrities are taking. What really matters is the diss tracks soon to drop, the true way to settle a rapper feud. “The next phase in their feud is music and they are both actively writing and will be in the studio very soon to go after each other,” a source close to Nicki and Cardi EXCLUSIVELY spilled to us on Sept. 12. “They aren’t going to be friends anytime soon and they are going to explore this feud and take it on for all that it’s worth. It’s only going to get worse before it has any chance to ever get better.”

If the mug shot on Queen Bey’s website was really intended to blast Nicki, then that’s just awkward. Just look at how thrilled the 35-year-old rapper was to hand her mug shot over to The Carters!

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