New ‘On My Block’ Trailer Drops & Fans Lose It When They Find Out That Ruby Is Alive – See Hilarious Memes

While fans previously thought Ruby from ‘On My Block’ died in season one, a new trailer revealed that the character is actually alive!

On My Block fans were gifted today with a trailer for season two of the Netflix show which showed that Ruby is alive! The 3.5-minute clip showed a montage of scenes, sans dialogue, showing other lead characters, before ending with a shot of Ruben “Ruby” Martinez opening his eyes dressed in a suit while laying in what appeared to be a casket or a bed.

Fans reacted with total happiness to see the beloved favorite character alive. “Thank the Lordt ruby is alive cause I don’t need that energy right now #OnMyBlockSeason2,” a fan said. Another responded to the clip, “Ruby is alive, my mans secured his bag, my couple is thriving & my muffin is getting her well-deserved recognition. #OnMyBlock.”

Another person on Twitter said, in all capital letters, “Olivia is dead, Ruby is alive, Jamal is rich, Cesar and Monse are dating publicly! Look at God! We won y’all #OnMyBlock.” A fan speculated that the scene of Ruby was showing him laying on his bed, dressed up for his friend Olivia’s funeral (instead of his own). The fan said in capital letters, “So somebody broke it down and said Ruby isn’t dead, he is just laying down in bed ready to go [to] Olivia’s funeral because the w**** is actually dead. Wooo!”

Some fans theorized alternative potential plot lines. “Plot twist Ruby is in a coma having a dream that he didn’t make it and died,” the fan said. Another guessed that the image of Ruby may be a ghost. “Look at ghost!ruby he’s so sad and he just wants his friends [to know] he’s okay, omg imagine Monse is sad and crying and he’s like, ‘I’m right here!’ and she can’t hear him and he’s sad ok.” We really hope that Ruby is alive in the new season!

The first season of the show dropped in March 2018 with 10 episodes about high schoolers navigating life in Los Angeles. The second season will be released on Netflix on March 29.

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