Naya Rivera Reveals Whether Or Not She Actually Has ‘Beef’ With Lea Michele After Years Of Feud Rumors

After years of speculation that ‘Glee’ costars, Naya Rivera and Lea Michele had been on-and-off set, Naya set the record straight in a telling interview on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen! So, what’s the deal? — Watch here, and find out!

The verdict is in, and there’s NO beef between Naya Rivera, 32, and Lea Michele, 32. — That’s according to Naya, who addressed the feud rumors about her Glee costar, Lea during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on February 6. For years, speculation grew that Naya and Lea were enemies on-and-off the set of Glee, despite there being no concrete proof of an actually feud. Glee was on the air (Fox) from May of 2009, until its final episode in March of 2015.

When Andy took calls from viewers, one fan phoned in to inquire about the rumored feud between the two. The caller asked Naya if she’d spoken directly to her former Glee costar after she liked a photo of Lea’s engagement ring on Instagram. “I did not speak to her, but I mean everyone sees Instagram, right?”, Naya replied while laughing. The caller also asked Naya what her current relationship with Lea is like. But, the actress didn’t answer that particular question.

Andy chimed in after and hinted to the rumored beef. “So you liked her [picture]. So, that was kind of like a white flag?”, the host, who just welcomed a baby boy, Benjamin Cohen, via surrogate on February 4 — asked. “I don’t think there was like any beef,” Naya said, before complimenting Lea’s four-carat, rectangular diamond. “It’s a good ring,” Naya added, along with a slight shoulder shrug.

Later on in the interview, Naya was hit with another pressing question about her past. — This time it was about her ex-fiance, Big Sean, 30. Sean announced he had ended the engagement in 2014.

During her appearance on Lip Sync Battle in July 2018, Naya took on Big Sean’s “I Don’t F–k with You”. Another caller phoned in to ask Naya if she had heard from Sean after her rendition of the aggressive track. “I did not hear from him after that, but we actually did recently just touch base and just, he wished me a happy belated birthday, I said hi and water under the bridge,” she explained.

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