Mystikal Allegedly Splashed His Victim With Alcohol to Cleanse ‘Bad Spirits’ Before Raping Her

According to Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith’s testimony, the New Orleans rapper ‘punched, choked and pulled out the woman’s hair’ following a dispute over money.

AceShowbiz -Details surrounding Mystikal‘s latest rape charges have emerged. The New Orleans rapper has been accused of splashing his alleged victim with alcohol as he tried to cleanse her “bad spirits” before raping her.

The 51-year-old hip-hop artist, whose real name is Michael Tyler, allegedly assaulted a woman on July 30 at his home in Prairieville, Louisiana following a dispute over money, per The Advocate. According to Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith’s testimony, the rapper punched, choked and pulled out the woman’s hair as he got angry after concluding that she took money from him.

Mystikal then allegedly stopped her from leaving the home by taking her keys and her phone. Following the physical assault, it’s claimed that Mystikal alternated from being angry to remorseful for his actions against her. He prayed with her and splashed her with rubbing alcohol to cleanse her “bad spirits” before forcing her onto a bed and raping her.

According to Detective Garrett, the woman tried to help Mystikal find around $100 and instead, she discovered a “crystalline substance” in his dresser. Xanax, heroin and marijuana were also later discovered in the home by police officers.

After she finally able to leave Mystikal’s home, the victim went to a local hospital where a rape kit was administered. Medical staff found that her injuries were consistent with her rape claims. Detectives also found clumps of the woman’s hair and a broken fingernail at Mystikal’s home.

Mystikal, who previously faced multiple sex crime allegations in 2003 and 2016, was arrested on July 31 and initially charged with two misdemeanors, simple criminal damage to property and false imprisonment. He was also charged with three more felonies including domestic abuse battery by strangulation, simple robbery and first-degree rape.

On August 2, a judge denied the rapper’s bond. He’s currently facing an additional five drug charges, including possession of schedule II amphetamine, possession of schedule IV controlled dangerous substance, two counts of possession of schedule I controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia, police records show after deputies searched his home.

Mystikal’s attorney, Roy Maughan Jr. maintains that his client is innocent. “There has never been any suggestion of domestic violence between them,” Maughan said in a statement following the bond hearing. “We [are] extremely disappointed that the judge decided to hold Mr. Tyler without bond under the feeling that he could potentially do something else to the victim and I don’t think that’s in Mr. Tyler to do that.”

Weighing in on the issue, Masika Kalysha insisted that Mystikal “doesn’t deserve freedom.” The former star of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” tweeted, “Mystical being arrested 4 rape for a 3rd TIME only means that he was only held accountable 3 times Smfh. Ain’t no telling how many women this sicko actually sexually assaulted. Lock his disgusting a** up & throw away the damn key. He has proven that he doesn’t deserve freedom.”

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