'Mortal Kombat' Star Lewis Tan Tells Us All About Keeping Things "Sacred" in the Bedroom

You probably know Lewis Tan from Deadpool 2 and Wu Assassins, but he’s about to make you drool even harder when Mortal Kombat hits your screens this Friday. He plays Cole Young, a past-his-prime MMA fighter who’s being hunted by assassins and can’t figure out why. He has to assemble a team of fighters to help him defend himself, which basically means there will be plenty of fight scenes to go around. Hot!! On a recent Friday night in, I hopped on Zoom with Lewis from his hotel room in Bangkok for a very important chat about *checks notes* ex-girlfriends?

Starting off easy. What’d you do before you got on this call today?

I did a six hour fight rehearsal at a Muay Thai gym in Thailand, in preparation for my new movie. Then I went to have what is called high tea. I guess if you’re really rich, you just call it tea. But for me it’s high tea. It was great.


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Where’s home for you?

My dog is at my place in L.A., so that’s my base. Home is wherever my dog is.

Aw, what kind?

She’s a pug and Jack Russell, a beauty. You haven’t seen pictures?

No! Do you have pictures?

Yeah. Here’s her listening to some records with me. [Lewis flips his phone around to reveal an adorable dog photo.]


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Okay, I love her. Speaking of home, tell me about your bedroom. What are we working with in there?

Nobody’s supposed to know this stuff!

I’m here to ask the tough questions!

I’m a minimalist. So in my bedroom, there’s no television. There’s nothing on the walls. I have a low Japanese bed that has like an orange-y kind of light that glows underneath it, so it looks like it’s floating. Candles on either side of the bed and literally that’s it. There’s no paintings, there’s no mirrors, there’s no television. It’s super minimalist. And it helps me sleep at night. The bedroom shouldn’t be for watching television, it’s a time for, well, many things, I guess, but it should be kept sacred.

Sacred is a good word for it. So you’re not a laptop-in-bed TV watcher?

Hell no. Hell no.

Fair enough. I’m seeing you have a lot of tiny tats on your hands. Tell me about those.

I have a lot of tattoos—they’re part of my story, like a diary. On my fingers, I have “grace” and “love,” actually in an old ex-girlfriend’s handwriting. We broke up, but we’re still really great friends, so these represent that feeling.

It’s not weird to basically have your ex on you at all times?

It might be weird for someone I’m dating. But it’s not weird for me. We meet people and have these beautiful experiences. Just because we’re not with them doesn’t necessarily mean it was bad.

I wish I were that chill about my past relationships…

You’ve got to stay in a state of gratefulness. That’s the key.

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