Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Prove Love Is Still Strong On Lunch Date After Split Rumors — Pic

Contrary to popular belief, Miley and Liam have NOT called it quits. In fact, these two were lunching and in love just yesterday. See for yourself!

Don’t believe everything you hear! While there has been a lot of recent speculation that Miley Cyrus, 25, and Liam Hemsworth, 28, are on the outs, they just keep proving the rumors wrong. The couple hung out and had lunch in Toluca Lake on August 9, sitting across from each other at Aierloom Bakery looking happy and healthy. It was an organic spot, after all! Both Miley and Liam looked cute in baseball caps and comfy clothes, but we can’t help but wonder if their casual outing is going to be enough to squash the persistent breakup rumors surrounding them. They look just fine to us! But then again, even a hilarious video of Liam pranking Miley by screaming while driving wasn’t enough to stop all of the split talk, so we won’t get our hopes up.

So what exactly is supposed to the problem between these two? “Miley put off plans for the wedding and Liam was growing tired of it,” a source told OK! Australia in July. “They haven’t been getting along in recent months. [She] didn’t really want to get married. It’s something that everyone else seemed to get but Liam. [His] family had been begging him to see the light for a long time, but he had faith in Miley. Now he feels like an idiot.” But just a month before that rumor spread, Life & Style magazine reported that the happy couple had gotten married in a secret ceremony in Miley’s Malibu mansion and were planning to head to Australia so they could celebrate with Liam’s fam as well.

We don’t know about you, but all of this back and forth is enough to give us whiplash!

But here’s the thing — from what Miley and Liam choose to show us on social media, they’re happy as clams! They look like they have a ton of fun together — scream scare videos and all.

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