‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Shaun Weiss Arrested After ‘Behaving Erratically’ While High On Drugs, Police Claim

‘Mighty Ducks’ actor Shaun Weiss was shockingly arrested in Northern California on Aug. 4 after he was reportedly found acting bizarre with a flashlight while under the influence of drugs. Get the details here.

Shaun Weiss, 39, who is known for his role as “Greg Goldberg” in the popular Mighty Ducks films, was shockingly arrested in the early morning hours of Aug. 4 after police found him acting oddly with a flashlight outside a closed business in Northern California while under the influence of drugs, according to People. The actor, who looked noticeably different than what fans are used to in his mugshot, was booked around 12:47 a.m. after being found with three other people along the main boulevard in Oroville, police Lt. Chris Nicodemus revealed. All four people were “behaving erratically with flashlights”, including Shaun flashing one in his own face, when police suspected they may have been under the influence of some kind of substance, according to Nicodemus.

After they were found, police went up to Shaun and determined he was high on drugs but Nicodemus said he wasn’t sure what kind of drug it was since they didn’t take a blood test. Shaun was in jail for a few hours before he was released without charges which is what’s considered “routine” with public intoxication arrests in the state of California, Nicodemus further explained. He said “no further proceedings were desirable” and even admitted that the arresting officers told him that Shaun was “witty” and not violent at the scene. Although he was released, this wasn’t Shaun’s first drug arrest. Back in 2017, he was arrested in California and charged with misdemeanor meth possession which led him to spending 90 days in jail, according to E! News.

In addition to his Mighty Ducks fame, Shaun is known for his small role in the 2008 film Drillbit Taylor which starred Owen Wilson. He also most recently starred in a short film from 2016 called Netflix & Chill.

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