‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Soulja Boy Becomes Furious When Nia Doesn’t Cook Him Breakfast

Soulja Boy wants Nia Riley to ‘Crank That’ frying pan in the kitchen! Watch the rapper snap at the VH1 star in HL’s EXCLUSIVE sneak peek for the new ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ episode!

Soulja Boy, 28, and Nia Riley are continuing to go back-and-forth at it in the Jan. 24 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition — this time, over a plate of red beans and rice. In HollywoodLife’s EXCLUSIVE sneak peek clip above, Soulja’s cranky that Nia didn’t deliver leftovers from breakfast to his bed. Alas, he doesn’t have time to cook because he’s a “rapper” and is “young.” With that said, Soulja makes a hangry request (while still under the covers): “I want some breakfast! Bring it up here and make sure I eat that sh*t!” As a true testament to her patience, Nia whips something up in the kitchen, but not without telling off her demanding boyfriend.

“You are disrespectful as f***,” Nia says, later adding, “It’s like you purposely like to make sh*t difficult.” The couple reflects on the breakfast fiasco on the confessional couch, and Nia vents, “He don’t know how to talk to me properly. Like a woman. I’m not your homeboy.” It’s not the first time we’ve heard Nia say those words. The Love & Hip Hop star voiced the same complaint during a screaming match in the Jan. 17 episode of Marriage Boot Camp, as Nia popped off on her significant other for being “disrespectful” to her, again, in front of their castmates.

Surprisingly, the two showdowns above weren’t the worst we’ve seen between Soulja and Nia…and the season just premiered on Jan. 10. In yet another fight, Nia blamed Soulja for her miscarriage in 2016, and the whole room gasped. For more details on the drama, get our full recap on the last episode.

Soulja and Nia have been on-again, off-again since high school, and were an on-screen couple in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Fans assumed they split in late 2016 after a social media war, but they temporarily  got back together for their latest reality show. The reunion’s not looking sweet!

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