Majority of Israeli Hostages Kidnapped By Hamas Still Alive

Scores of Israeli citizens who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during their deadly terrorist attack are still alive, according to the Israeli military.

As many as 200+ people were kidnapped by Hamas in the October 7 attack. More than 20 of those captured are under the age of 18, while another 10 to 20 hostages are over 60.

Israeli military officials would not say precisely how many they believe are still alive — only that a majority have survived over the past 2 weeks.

At least 2 hostages have been confirmed dead … a 13-year-old Israeli girl, and her 80-year-old grandmother.

The Israelis are planning a ground invasion, which appears to be imminent. The Herculean task … somehow eliminating Hamas without harming the hostages or other innocent people in Gaza.

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