Maggie Q Opens Up About ‘Toxic’ and ‘Disgusting’ Experience as Model

The ‘Protege’ star explains in a new interview that ‘eating was discouraged’ in the industry, adding that ‘if you gained a pound, everyone knew it and could see it.’

AceShowbizMaggie Q‘s time as a model wasn’t all good for her. The star got candid about how “toxic” and “gross” the industry was, adding that it was enough to make her “never recommend anybody go into.”

“I remember the agency that I was with, they had a whiteboard on the wall and with all our names on it and they weighed you every Friday and they put your weight on the wall, but they kept all the previous weights for all the previous weeks on the wall,” “The Protege” star told Salon. “They kept it there so that people could see if you were yo-yoing, going up and down. It was like a wall of shame. If you gained a pound, everyone knew it and could see it.”

Maggie also claimed that “eating was discouraged” in the industry. The system “was intended to shame you into either never eating, having an eating disorder or feeling really bad about yourself and it’s disgusting. It’s really gross,” she explained.

During the interview, Maggie also talked about #MeToo movement which she dubbed “really awesome.” She shared, “I mean, the fact that there are certain people who can’t get away with things now is just… I mean, I remember the days when being in those dinners where the big guy walked into the room and everybody had to kiss his ass in a way that was just really demeaning and awful, and those people are now sitting in jail and it’s really awesome because the abuse was just so rampant and blatant. No one was hiding anything.”

“It wasn’t until people started speaking up in numbers that it became something that was a threat to these people,” she continued. “But the more and more and more people have confidence and courage to come forward, it becomes really, truly undeniable.”

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