Lucy Fallon begs fans for help as she suffers painful pregnancy contractions

Lucy Fallon has asked for her followers’ help as she’s suffering with “painful” Braxton Hicks contractions.

The soap star, 27, is expecting her first child with footballer beau Ryan Ledson and is quickly approaching her due date next month.

Ahead of her little one’s arrival, Lucy has been suffering with Braxton Hicks contractions. This is the tightening of your abdomen and uterus that comes and goes as someone approaches the end of their pregnancy.

According to pampers.com, these contractions often occur later in the day and after physical exercise. They may also happen if you’re tired or dehydrated.

Taking to Instagram to discuss her contractions, Lucy shared a snap of her cute dog alongside the caption: “why r my braxton hicks painful do any of you know xx am I just pathetic?”

Braxton Hicks contractions are known as “false” contractions and bare some differences to real labour contractions.

Key differences between the two are that Braxton Hicks are often irregular, while labour contractions are more regular and predictable. Braxton Hicks also don’t increase in intensity while labour ones do.

Mum-to-be Lucy announced her exciting pregnancy news with OK! back in September.

The star admitted that was “excited but scared” after having suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage earlier last year.

“It was a traumatising, horrendous time,” Lucy told us. “We went for a scan and they couldn’t see anything, so then we went to the hospital and they thought they could see something, so it was very up and down.

"I had pregnancy symptoms and I was feeling really unwell and when they were doing all these scans my symptoms were getting worse and worse and there were no signs I had had a miscarriage, so that made it more of a shock.

"We just assumed everything was going to be fine. Then after a week when they’d done the blood tests and other tests I went back and they said that I had miscarried. It was a really strange feeling."

She went on: "Even though so many people go through it, you never expect it will happen to you. I had imagined this little person who was going to come into our lives and then they were taken away from me.

"It was really mentally challenging and really horrible to deal with, but Ryan was so supportive.”

Lucy is due to give birth in early February.


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