Love Island’s Ellie’s shock revelation after blazing row with Charlie at reunion

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake were the first Love Island couple to hit the rocks this year.

After cheeky Charlie spent went out drinking tequila before the reunion show on Sunday – they ended the day in a blazing row that saw them leave the wrap party in separate taxis.

But now the pair have tried to shrug off rumours their relationship is in trouble – and put the explosive argument down to a lover’s tiff.

"Couples do have their tiffs. And literally from day one we have not had one day where we haven’t woken up in the same bed together," Charlie said in an interview with ITN.

While Charlie tried to rationalise the fight, Ellie bluntly explained: "Basically Charlie got too drunk and [I] was sober."

She continued: "He wasn’t just in trouble with me. He was mortal drunk and that’s not good when you’re going on live TV.

"I was fuming, ITV were fuming, but we’re okay."

Charlie had spent the day drinking with his Love Island pal Frankie Foster – who’s in a relationship with Samira Mighty .

"Samira was fuming," Ellie added.

"Frankie held it together better than me, Charlie admitted. "That’s why I wasn’t allowed to speak."

Ellie looked visibly shaken as she left the Love Island wrap party on Sunday.

"Producers were forced to cut his microphone off after he threatened to embarrass her and walk off the show while it was being aired," a source told the MailOnline .

"They couple had also been filmed on their recent holiday to Monaco for a segment for the show, but bosses decided to cut that clip given the tense circumstances."

The source added: ”He had been out drinking tequilas with Frankie Foster earlier in the day and they turned up to the studios wearing the same shirt which was also posted on their social media accounts.

"Charlie and Ellie had a huge row. They looked incredibly frosty during the programme and everyone could see it.

"Things were so bad that they went home in separate cars after the wrap party later that night and Ellie looked like she was about to cry. Things aren’t looking good."

A representative for the couple refused to comment on the couple’s relationship status when contacted by Mirror Online.

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